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Sophie Rohrig
CH Amarula Sunrise
CH Who
Ava Blackman
Undulata's Cheekie Nut
Wrapped In Chocolate
HS Technical Knockout
Samur Rhythm
Jenny Snyman
Soquili's Gone With The Wind
Slash Hundred Proof
Olive Scarlett Carr
Callie Lemons Petterson
Slash Hundred Proof
Elle Andsersen
King Leonidas
CH Undulata's Satchmo
CH Memories Of Cabo
Happy Boy
Psychedelic Memories
CH Billy Deluxe
Northern Asset
CH Man On The Move
Lovely In Lace
Cast In Bronze
Soquili's Dash Of Manhattan
SH Lynn's Prize
Sedgefield's The Grand Finale
Arrowhead's Hypnotic
Slash Hundred Proof
RKS Andrea
Hail Ceaser
Nut An Illusion
Lana Del Rey
Hot Rod
Heartland American Dream
Kalarama's Handsome Does
Lyla Vanderspuy
Phinley Duncan
CH Sha-Boom
Creekridge Nuttin' But Love
HS A Kissing Bandit
Alexis Holyfield
Enchanted Kiss
Heartland Gun Show
Bluebonnet Baby
Walnut Level Justin
Northern Asset
The Hathaway Man
CH Jolly Mon Sing
Happy Boy
The General Lee
Wheels Up
Fifty Shades Freed
Good Luck Chuck
CH Memorie's Of Cabo
Game Changer
The Man On The Move
CH Billy Deluxe
Psychedelic Memories
I'm Lookin' Expensive
Top Gear
Bad Hombre
Our Tango
Undulata's Emmiline
Adle-Mars Southern Belle
Fabulous Time In Venus
Soquili's Gone With The Wind
CH Carson Nation
Arrowhead's Avatar
LLF She's Unforgettable
Ro & Me's Heir Express
Collins Dabezies
Cloverleaf I Am Legend
Arrowhead's Melania
Unexpected Asset
It's Courageous George
Winsdown Silver Fortune
Gracelynn Boyko
Goodhart's Ready To Play
CH My Dreamboat Annie
Berry Daring
Marco Polo
Fox Grape's Fort Defiance
Undulata's Bold And Brave
Dreamacres Hey Jude
Heirial Heir
Hands Down
Melrose Maxine
Cherished Fortune

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